Saturday, June 16, 2012


Oh hey there,

There has been a shortage of the world wide web in my life for the past month or so. I would love to tell you that it was totally intentional and that I did it so I could say something weird like "I feel so much more centered because I took the time to unplug" but that is not what is going on here. I moved and started a new job and my life became super busy when I least expected it. Which don't get me wrong, I'm super stoked about, but it has taken its toll on my ever growing to-do list. The hours to check them off seem few and far between and lets just face it, when life gets a little crazy and that to-do list is running laps in your little brain, you choose a nap. Tired people need naps. Facts are facts people. 

I think we can all agree that naps are sweet little gifts from above but I'm thinking we can all agree that giving yourself a good challenge can be be prettty sweet too. So here's what I'm telling myself "Be intentional with your time. Just do it.". 

A summer bucket list is what I'll be working on. Ya know, the fun kind of to-do's. Plus buckets and summer kind of go together like apple and pie, right? Nobody would be building castles on the beach if they weren't  first filling their buckets up with sand.

This isn't deep stuff. You want to make popsicles? Put it in the bucket. You want to drive to the beach to watch the sunset? Put it in the bucket. You want to write a letter to an old friend? Put in the bucket. The key to this is taking it out of the bucket. Don't forget that part. DO that part.

Maybe you can relate to this and maybe a summer bucket list would be a fine idea for you too. Just think about it.  

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