Thursday, July 19, 2012

exciting news: the violet online.


I have kind of exciting news to bring to you today. Do you ever read The Violet? It's a wonderful online magazine that was started by some pretty great gals. I followed Ashlee Gadd and Camilla Leila's blogs before they launched The Violet and have since added one more quarterly reading to my Google Reader. The magazine is filled with great articles on food, fashion, crafts, parties and travel.

Before they release every issue they pose a question to their readers and ask them to respond. For the summer issue, they asked readers to tell them about one of the coolest places they had ever visited. As you might know, I had recently visited the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art and thought it was pretty swell. I am well aware that of all the places in the world, it may not rank high on the list but it would definitely receive an honorable mention (at least in the state of Florida). Anyway, The Violet thought it was pretty neat and sent me a friendly email letting me know it would be in the summer issue! Naturally, I was pretty excited.

If you have an hour to check out the summer issues, you should definitely do that (and pay a special eye to page 88).

Have an excellent Thursday.

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