Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simple DIY Wreath

Hey friends! I had some spare time yesterday so I decided to stop into JoAnn's fabric store. I love crafts and projects of all kinds so this was a pretty natural way to spend an afternoon.  I undoubtedly spent way too much time wandering the isles of the store deciding which of the projects in my head I wanted to do the most. Craft stores are like some sort of weird time trap. Go in at 2:00 and all of the sudden you come out and it is 4:00. JoAnn knows what she's doing.

Anyway, I remembered that a couple weeks ago I saw an easy wreath in a DIY magazine that I thought would be perfect for summer. So, I made it. It didn't turn out exactly the way it was pictured in the magazine but I like it just the same. This project is very inexpensive and easily adaptable to your own taste. So try it!

Follow this simple tutorial and you too could have yourself a pretty cute summer wreath!

Supplies: Styrofoam ring, bag of buttons, magazine or newspaper, straight pins,
hot glue gun, and a paper cutter.
Cut your magazine or newspaper into a bunch of two inch strips.
Like so.

Begin wrapping your strips around the Styrofoam ring and gluing them in place.

Like so.

Add buttons with straight pins in a decorative pattern around your wreath.



Ta-Da! Perfect door wreath!

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