Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Endless Summer

My two bestfriends/ roommates and I headed south last night for a week at the beach!

We encountered a few road blocks on our way to our Ocean Village condo in Port St. Lucie. These road blocks included but were not limited to: a mysterious 'John Lieberman', a miss-communication that consequently landed us in a hotel for the night and the inappropriate rap tune "Ms. Becky" blaring from the alarm clock as we put our key in the door to our hotel room. 

Prior to all of these shenanigans: the responsible, think-ahead people that we are thought it would be a good idea to purchase a gallon of milk (for coffee and cereal, of course) at the convenient store before we got to the condo. Great plan. Yeah, great plan except this was not just any gallon of milk, this gallon of milk was five whole dollars. That is more than a gallon of gas and we all know how expensive gas is. My frugal self was cringing. Just so you know.

So here we are. In a random hotel that is trying to turn our room into a nightly hot spot with a gallon of expensive whole milk, no keys to our condo and wanting to kill  this "John Lieberman" guy. (I won’t even talk about the sounds coming from outside our hotel room in the middle of the night that woke us up thinking the Sandhurst Hotel may have been turning into a space ship). No big deal.

But fear not my friends...
This morning, we got the whole condo situation straightened out, found out that John Lieberman does in fact exist and best of all, the milk did not spoil (special thanks to the nice lady at the hotel that kept it in her fridge overnight). We did, however, have to send a package to Nigeria this morning. But that's a different story. For a different day. It's time to go soak up some sun and enjoy my immediate post-graduation vacation.

It sure is a good thing I have great friends that make unfortunate situations seem like fun.

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