Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a trip to the farm.

This weekend I was at a farm in Normady, Tennessee. The population of this quaint town: 150. That is 50 less people than were in my graduating class. My hometown is small (clearly not as small as Normady) and growing up, there were days I was convinced I lived in the most boring town in the continental U.S. or maybe the world. Dramatic? You betcha. Something changed along the way though. It wasn't until I moved away from home that I realized just how much I appreciate the unique character of a small town. Although living in a city seems to stimulate a big dream mentality, the low population, small town cultivates a way of life.

The town of Normady was no exception.

We canoed a small portion of the 284 mile Duck river. The river was quiet and pristine. As our red canoe glided across the water, I felt myself become a bit overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. Everything seemed to just capture so much life. Beauty. Everywhere. The green hills and hay barrels that framed the left side. The exposed roots of trees hanging over the bank. The canopy of trees that provided shade for small stretches of the river. It was lovely.

Meet baby Kusi. He is a Llama. Cute huh? And so friendly too, he let me pet and feed him. Bucket list item #57: Feed a Llama. Check.

The farm had three beautiful gardens that were also home to these beautiful flowers.

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