Sunday, July 31, 2011

an apple a day...

If it's ok...

I would like to have a moment of silence for my Blackberry Curve who has been a superb mobile device.

I have had a pretty good track record with cell phones. Three is my running total. The Blackberry Pearl was my first introduction to the smart phone. That little Pearl saved me from getting lost on multiple occasions and I’m convinced that brickbreaker is the only reason I survived my freshman year of college. Sadly, she was lost forever in a tragic accident involving a beginning of a lifelong friendship during a John Mayer concert. What turned into a celebration of said friendship post-concert at IHOP resulted in the Pearl being left in the IHOP restroom. Tear. My second Blackberry was the curve. She was great. Her keyboard had a special clicking noise and her blinking red led notification light was bright and brought me lots of joy when I was waiting for someone to reply to a super important text.

There comes a day though when it is time to move on. It doesn't mean that the last thing wasn't awesome and right for you at the time. It might just mean it's time to embrace a change. Before embracing the new though, it is important to celebrate the old. We are still talking about phones though, right? Just checking. We could go all willy nilly and say that idea could apply to friendships, relationships, moving to new places, etc. but we will just stick to phones for the sake of the next paragraph.

Here is the deal, (excuse the gpoy) I am super excited. I never understood the "Christmas in July" shtick until right. now. Well actually, yesterday but you get it.  I agree that Apple is a very trendy product and  makes the banana feel super left out, but it truly is one of the most remarkable brands and is able to produce products that are incredibly user friendly and fun. I explained to my mom "you can do or find pretty much anything which seems complicated but it is so easy!" Most of you have probably been a part of the apple family for a long time but I’m sure you remember your first happy apple feeling moment. That is kind of what is going on here.                                                                                                  

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