Friday, October 14, 2011

a trip down memory lane...

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My favorite show when I was a little girl was Mary Tyler Moore. Yes, I know this probably wasn't typical of kids my age but I couldn't help it. I'm not sure where my family's collection of all seven seasons came from. Most likely, it was a lucky item we found at a church yard sale or a family hand-me-down. I can remember pulling out the VHS from its worn teal sleeve, putting it in the VCR and singing along with Sonny Curtis during the opening credits. I'm sure I belted "you're gonna make it after all" while twirling in the living room a time or two.

I was convinced Mary Richards was the coolest person in the world. I was sure that all I needed out of life was a best friend named Rhoda, an antique piece of furniture to beat on, an apartment with a raised carpeted platform and a cheese sandwich. I grew to realize there were other things in life worth aspiring towards but it turns out I did have a pretty good taste in television as a young kid. Mary Tyler Moore was named among the 'shows that changed television'. It's no wonder that this hard working, independent producer of the Six O'clock News was one of my childhood heroes.

If you've never seen an episode, I strongly recommend you find yourself an afternoon to watch a few. It will make you smile, laugh and want to start calling your best friend Rhoda. Guarantee it.

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  1. I grew up on shows like this on Nick at Night. I have no clue why this was what I watched, but Mary Tyler Moore was one of my faces!