Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Christmas Cookie Swap

Three observations about today's events.

One: Cookie swaps all over the world are most definitely upping their game because of Ben and the Pinterest team.

Two: I've decided that if we were trying to think of the male equivalent to a cookie swap, it would be fantasy football. Stay with me. Initially, we bring all of our best men together on one team to hopefully secure a win. Sometimes our men come through for us and sometimes they don't. This can only mean that it is time to switch up our team. Except in this case 'switching up our team' looks more like putting delicious creations into Christmas containers to take home and less like a click of the mouse. It's much more of a win-win situation we have on our hands; it's a beautiful thing. 

There were prizes given for the best tasting, the prettiest, the most unique and the best overall cookie. (I suggested that next year we include a category for the cookie made with nuts from the furthest region. Let's hear it for the Macadamia nuts. Woop, woop.) All the winning cookies took home adorable plates from Anthropologie. Double win. Well, I didn't but hooray for them!!

Three: the company was super and the cookies were all delicious.

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