Friday, February 3, 2012

Nashville, revisited.

The last time I went to Nashville it was wonderful and delightful and any other word you could think of to describe a positive experience. Today's trip to Nashville had a different agenda but my sentiments about the city and the people I went with this time remain the same. It's just a cool place to be. I think it's neat to go to new towns (especially cool, hip ones like Nashville) and observe the people; you can immediately tell who belongs there. 

This brings me to my question of the day: do people inspire a city or does a city inspire the people? Maybe it's both. People are desperate to belong to something. Something bigger than themselves but not big enough that they can't fit in. We the people like belonging. It's just a fact. Observing the people at Fido in Nashville today lead me to believe they have figured out a pretty sweet balance of this. They seem to be unique individuals with expressive styles and personalities and yet they fit nicely into a mold that the place they reside has set for them.

These are just my thoughts. You may totally disagree & that is ok.
However, there will be no room for arguing with me about the delicious food and beverages at Fido. The black bean burger I had for lunch rocked  but my favorite treat of the day came later in the afternoon in the form of a local honey cinnamon latte & a blueberry goat cheese muffin. oh. my. yummy. I plan to recreate this muffin some day and wanted to see if there was a recipe online somewhere. I did a simple google search and found this girl, who also loved the muffins at Fido made them herself! I'm telling you, blueberries and goat cheese in muffin form...sheer bliss.

Four noteable things about this wonderful day.
1. Food makes people happier.
2. Laughter is absolutely a cure for most things.
3. I wanted to take more pictures of my food but I didn't want to be that girl.
4. Nashville is pretty darn cool.

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