Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's Do Lunch.

Let's get three cheers for some egg salad! I recently have developed my own take on this delicious lunch that my mom sometimes made for me as a kid. It's funny when you realize the things you don't know how to do because someone else has always done them for you. For example: hard boiling an egg. I am fully aware of what a hardboiled egg looks like, taste like (yum), smells like (gross) and I had a general idea of how to get it there but I thought I better do a little googling. Is 'googling' officially a verb yet? It’s probably a safe bet. Ok, back to lunch - after finding instructions on how to perfectly hard boil an egg, I waited a few minutes for them to cool and when it was time, I turned them into this delicious salad.

Pretty simple: dice eggs, mix with a little bit of mayonnaise, a tiny drop of mustard, green onions, salt and pepper. Toast two pieces of bread, lay some spinach leaves down and spread out the egg salad.

Make one for you. Make one for a friend. Enjoy it. Together. 

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