Thursday, March 15, 2012

the greeting card project.

Let me start by saying how much I LOVE the United States postal service. Lucky for me, my friends and family do too.

I have found that it doesn't matter whether you are on the sending or receiving end of the mail's all smile worthy. The greeting cards started to pour in when I left for college and was no longer living at the same address as my mother. She would send me cards all the time and still does, sometimes multiple on the same day. My friends are really good at writing encouraging, thoughtful, sometimes ridiculous little notes as well. It's part of the reason we're friends. I'm sure of it. true life: there are people out there have no problem placing the card they have just received directly in the waste basket the very moment they have finished reading it. I am not these people. (By the way, it's totally ok if you're one of these people. I would probably still send you things in the mail.)

So what does a person who can't throw away cards do with them? I have tried several ways to store the them in the past but I feel like I am finally on to something with this. Introducing the greeting card project:

1. gather some of your favorite cards. 

2. find yourself a little binder with some crafting potential.

3. the neccessary supplies:

4. document a postcard from your mama.

5. use your permanent marker to mark the area for hole punching. punch away.

6. fill er' up.

7. decorate the front with a pretty (documented) postcard from your mama.

8. Enjoy your greeting cards. All in one place. One little place of organized love and memories.


  1. 5 of those are from me!! My favorite though is a tossup between the (documented) post card from your Momma and the leaping cat on the bottom left.. :)

  2. I know...apparently you're really good at sending me cards in different shapes that fit well into a square. :) Thanks for being a friend who loves that usps!