Friday, March 9, 2012

it's friday.

t a k i n g  n o t e s.
  1. these are not your grandma's keds
  2. the best opening scene from grey's anatomy.
  3. joy the baker podcast makes me giggle. i like to give it a listen on road trips.
  4. tom's girl ann perkins/rashida jones knows how to dress like a lady.
  5. a gift for a friend who likes to spend their time in the kitchen cooking you delicious food.
  6. even jane eyre listens to adele.
  7. if you are into reading really funny things about dramatic reality (but so not reality) tv, ihategreenbeans is for you. tune in on monday to see which girl gets her heart broken by the sonoma wine maker.
  8. i wanna dance with somebody. preferably with someone who loves me.
  9. celebrate st. patrick's day with this party in a box.

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