Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear [Future] Birthday Girl

Remember that year you were 21? A lot of great things happened that year. You lived with two girls who became your best friends. You did a lot of baking, eating of baked goods, crafts and studying. In the fall, pancake Saturday's became tradition at our house. When our bellies were full of fluff, we would head to the football tailgates. It was always a thrill to enter Doak Campbell Stadium and cheer along with the 80,000+ fans rocking it out. That year, the Noles had their best season in the four years you were at Florida State. You did a lot of growing up that year and learned to appreciate the little things in life. You looked forward to Tuesday and Thursday afternoon re-runs of Sex and the City with Carolyn as you ate lunch, roommate outings to Costco and dinners at Red Elephant.

In the spring, the reality of graduating became really exciting but kind of frightening. You experienced a lot of Tallahassee that semester and are still regretting not getting that hot dog at the Springtime festival. Hard work paid off. You got all A’s and as a result danced up the isle at graduation. A week later, you got to proudly watch your brother graduate from college too. Above all else, your trust in the Lord’s plan was strengthened as you began to see him work all things together and provide you a job in Alabama.

Moving was hard. Really, really hard but you were embraced by a great community in Alabama and began some awesome friendships. You became so aware of God’s goodness. Especially on your birthday. You had wonderful friends and family make you feel loved from nearby and miles away. Your sweet mother sent you five cards. For real, five cards! You got to share your birthday celebration with you awesome new friend, Winnie, who is just one day older than you, go to a Navy jazz band concert in the park, and delight in a banana cream cheese cake with friends and [new] family.

You felt so blessed.

21 was an awesome year. Definitely one for the books.

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