Thursday, August 4, 2011

wednesday whistle.

Why hello there,
It is that time of the week. The time of the week where you are growing tired the same cycle of songs on the radio or your playlist is getting a little redundant and you are looking for a new, catchy tune to feast your ears upon. Well, ask and you shall receive my friends.

Switching gears...but not really...

Starbucks is great for so many things. It is generally a pretty cozy place to read a book, enjoy  a delicious coffee beverage, buy a cool coffee mug, and sometimes score free music. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a card with a code to download 10 songs for summer. I'm a pretty frugal gal so naturally my free-dar was on high that day. This freebie was definitely worth it and was my source for this week's Wednesdays whistle.

 Eyes by Peter Bjorn and John.

I hope you enjoy this fun little song. Maybe with the windows down.

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