Wednesday, September 28, 2011

spying. russian style.

Friends. I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. There is no good excuse. I wasn't out looking for my soul under a rock or taking a time out to read a good book or anything like that. I've just been busy and that's the truth. But here I am, back with a fresh pair of specs and a question. Do you remember playing "I spy" on road trips when you were a little kid? Or maybe you are a big kid pretending to be a little kid and have played it recently. That game was among my favorite pass-the-time-car-games. Second only to the classic "blue punch buggy no punch back". I loved playing "I spy" though because my little eye usually wandered to the prettiest or most unique thing around and landed there.

So here we go. No, not on a road trip (I wish) but rather on a little journey through pictures. I've searched high and low and my little eye has picked up on some of the prettiest things this side of the Mississippi. I haven't decided how often we are going to play eye spy on this here blog but I do know we are playing today. Tuesday.

eye spy :  mustard.



How are you feeling about mustard? The color not the condiment, naturally.

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