Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Favorite: College Football

Another anticipated fall treat: college football.

The fifteen week season kicks off today. I will be watching my Alma Mater, Florida State take on Louisiana Monroe this afternoon. Sadly, this is the first season in four years I won't be there. Football is an all American tradition that ignites the spirit of comradery among fellow fans and creates a divide between friends who pull for the opposing team. For me, sitting in Doak Campbell stadium for the first time was pretty incredible. It was one of those times you realize you are a part of something so much bigger than yourself. My favorite part of the game is the beginning. The sea of fans in their game day best begin to clap, chop, holler and cheer as Cheif Osceola rides out on Renegade with his lit spear. As he makes his way to the middle of the field, he pulls back on the horse and throws the spear on to the field. Naturally, the crowd goes crazy. The game has begun.

If I were still living in Tallahassee I would incorporate these things into this football season.

Proof that Seminoles live here:

Football cake pops:

A tailgating necessity: Chili and Cornbread in a jar

And of course, a game day outfit:

Even though it won't be the same this year, I am determined to enjoy the Noles football season from 600 miles away. I hope whoever you cheer for today, you're doing it with pride and a heart full of excitement.

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