Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pumpkin Enthusiast.

Well folks, it is the first day of September.

Do you know what this means? Fall. This means fall. Which also means PUMPKINS. (!!!) Last year I embraced the pumpkin enthusiast within me. I decorated and carved a pumpkin, made pumpkin desserts, visited a pumpkin patch and drank way too many Starbucks tall pumpkin soy coffees.
As the season approaches, I feel the need to defend my love for pumpkin. As we know, pomegranate, leggings, and Uggs have all circled though our world and were at one time labeled “trendy”.  (Let’s be honest though, Uggs? What were those trendy people thinking? Even the name sounds less than cute.) My point is that there is probably someone out there that felt a little cheated because they’ve been eating a pomegranate every day for fifteen years.  They knew about the delicious fruit long before the world and its antioxidant craze claimed it as their favorite.
My fear is that this is going to happen to pumpkin.  Everyone is going to start to love it and it will no longer be special. I can see it now, me and the pomegranate lover sitting on a park bench somewhere sharing a box of Kleenex because the world has taken one of our simple joys and claimed it as their own. Not cool world. Not cool.
In effort to preserve my love for this seasonal orange vegetable that stems from the squash family, I am going to maximize its existence in my everyday life or at least post about my love for it on this here blog. Whether it is through pictures, recipes, fashion inspirations or simply an encounter with anything pumpkin. It will be here. So here it goes...
Today I walked out to observe the pumpkin patch in the back yard and look what I found: I was delighted.

Pumpkin patch. Circa 2010: pure bliss

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