Thursday, September 15, 2011

wednesday whistle.

I heard this song for the first time last week. My friend over at Life Through a Lens and I were discussing a scenario in which we could travel abroad together. When I told her I probably wouldn't be able to accompany her on a trip this summer, she played me this song. I loved it.

Vienna - Billy Joel
Released in 1977 on the album The Stranger


  1. beautiful. perfect for a rainy day drinking tea when you're working from home because there's no internet at work.

    lets play the game: "did you know"...

    I fell in love with this song when a friend put it on a mixed cd in 2003 for me. and yes that was the same year that the movie "13 going on 30" came out in the theater. I was so excited for the movie that I went to the noon showing. Maybe I was the only soul in the theater, maybe I wasn't. But when a scene came on with Jennifer Garner feeling pretty blue, I thought "man that song from my cd would be perf - OH MY GOODNESS! THEY JUST STARTED PLAYING THAT EXACT SONG!" (the phrase "omg" had not yet hit it big.)

    Needless to say, the song picker for the movie and I are cosmic-ly linked. obviously.

    True story.

    I love you.
    Also true. But that's a statement not a story.
    (I think we're going to be better at syntax after working with a personal spell checker. Not to say that I like it. Just that we'll be smarter.)


  2. You're a blogger, YAAAYYYY! And you listen to good music. Now convince Winnie to blog already.