Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today I have realized two things about myself:
1. I love frothed milk in coffee more than any normal person would be ok with.
2. I am really excited for fall shows to start. Again, probably more than I should be but it is just another reminder of how much I love the fall.

This might seem super lame and may cause you to think that I really need to get a life and not watch so much tv. While this may be true, DVR and Internet TV are beautiful things. I generally record only the things I am going to watch and don't spend too much time watching other shows. Except if those other things include an occasional episode of Wheel of Fortune or Extreme Couponing. (Some day I'll tell you about my love for word games and saving money at grocery stores.)

So here is my guide to the fall season of prime time television.

ABC - Pan Am - 10:00
ABC - The Bachelor - TBA
NBC - The Biggest Loser - 8:00
CBS - Survivor - 8:00
ABC - The Middle - 8:00
ABC - Modern Family - 9:00
ABC - Grey's Anatomy - 9:00
ABC - Private Practice - 10:00

Who knows what could happen this season.

Will Jeff Probst ever get tired of saying "the tribe has spoken"? Will Derek really leave Meredith alone with baby Z and totally disregard their 'only works on tv' post-it marriage? Will Addison finally realize that she is the source of her own problems and stop changing her hair color? How many boxes of tissues will I use during this season of the Biggest Loser?  Will Tom Haverford continue to make me laugh out loud in an uncontrollable manner? Will Ben F. bounce back from his broken Ashley heart and be able to reclaim true love for himself?

One can only hope.

What shows are you excited about this fall? Do you have a favorite?


  1. Tuesday: Fox- New Girl 9pm

    Do it if you're cool!

  2. I knew there was a really good reason we are friends : )