Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Favorites

I know living in the south means that we don't start to feel the effects of cool fall weather until approximately October eleventh. That means that today, when I step outside it will still be pushing 98 degrees. Nick Lachey will not be present. Sorry ladies. Or fellas. No judgement here.

Today though, I'm going to disregard the warm weather completely and embrace all the anticipated lovely things about fall.

First fall favorite: tweed.

My email from JCrew this week was fully on board with the tweed obsession.

When you love fall & all things magical, you get excited about things like tweed jackets from Emerson Made

If you are anything like me, you say YES to everything about this outfit.

What could be cooler than yellow tweed? Really, JCrew?

Vintage tweed jacket

Or perhaps you're not one for wearing tweed and would rather incorporate it in your home with a great storage ottoman. That would be just fine. 

Ok last one just because, how adorable?

What a delightful time of year. I hope the anticipation of the season is making you as happy as I am. 

images from pinterest

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